Databuddy FAQ's

What is Databuddy?
Databuddy is an innovative platform where you can get free internet by performing simple tasks like installing other apps, registering on websites/apps etc. The money collected in your Databuddy wallet can be further redeemed against recharge in case of a prepaid mobile connection.

How it works?
Once you perform any task such as installing an app or registering on some website, you will get money reward in your Databuddy wallet. The money collected in your Databuddy wallet can be further redeemed against data recharges for prepaid mobile connection users only.

How do I sign up on Databuddy?
Once you download Databuddy app and provide your mobile number, it automatically registers your mobile number after its verified.

Where can I see my earned money?
You can access your earned money from the wallet section. From the wallet section itself, you can redeem this money against data recharges if you are having prepaid mobile connection.

Can I use this to recharge my family/friends Mobile Number?
Yes, you can recharge your family/friends mobile number if they are also prepaid connection users.

Is Internet connection necessary to access Databuddy App?
Yes. In order to complete offers you must be connected to internet via mobile network or WiFi.

What is pending tab?
Pending tab allows you to view your offers which are in pending stage.

What is invite and earn. How am I benefited through it?
Click on the invite icon on Databuddy app and invite your friends via text message/whatsapp/facebook. On every friend who joins through your invite gives you an opportunity to get some predefined amount which will be credited to your Databuddy wallet.

How can I view my completed offers/activites?
You can access your completed offers/activites from my transaction tab.

Can I uninstall & install any other mobile application from offers screen?
No. It is strictly prohibited to uninstall & install any mobile app multiple times to avail the offer amount. Therefore no amount will be credited if you uninstall & reinstall.

Can I register with multiple mobile numbers?
No. It is strictly prohibited to register with multiple mobile numbers from your mobile.

Can I use Mobile Emulators?
No. Usage of mobile emulators to install Databuddy app is strictly prohibited.

I have ported my number to another operator. Does it still work?
Yes, it still works. Select the correct operator name and circle name.